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                     In 1983, SUNNY WORLD TRADING CO., LTD. was established with an idea of pooling experienced staffs. It offered a unique combination of expertise,  a factor  that  has contributed in part its success of being one of the leading imported cosmetic chemical-distributors. As new ideas and opportunities unfolded, it  achieved  wide  market acceptance according to high performance in variable market situation.
                Furthermore, market of fragrances, chemicals for food and pharmaceutics were expansions of the company. It was appointed as agents of many foreign suppliers around the world, such as U.S.A., U.K., Germany, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, China, South Africa, Israel etc.

                Five years later, with its continuous steep growth rate of turnovers and its diversified roles as principal, the company expanded into industrial chemical raw material market, concentrating on Synthetic Rubber, Rubber Chemicals, Plastics, Paints, Food etc.

                In 1989, the company considered to be one of the well-managed organizations, therefore, SUNNY WORLD TRADING CO., LTD. was reorganized and registered as SUNNY WORLD (1989) CO., LTD. Investments are made both for long-term income and for more immediate capital gain. Therefore, the company has been selective in its approach, concentrating its activities on providing technical information with samples under guiding formulations, etc. Besides, indent business and ex-stock sales are both engaged.

                Due to its good connection and high recognition, it participates in members of various manufacturers/producers, ranging from international to large, medium and small local firms. In 1994, the company succeeded in raising both sales and market acceptance. Business expanded vigorously and registered the most dynamic gains, even considerable fragrances account was moved out in 1990. Fundamental to the success was gaining of confidence from  well- established local and international organizations, being shown by the certificates/awards presented to SUNNY WORLD (1989) CO., LTD. as one of the best suppliers in terms of service and high quality materials from COLGATE-PALMOLIVE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. for 10 times in 14 years during 1990-2005. More,several time awards by Johnson & Johnson in 1996-1999 and 2 awards from 2 events P&G in 1998 and 2005.

                During year of 2001 and 2003, one third of turnover was taken out by one of management/shareholder with an idea of diversification for growth.  Such action caused growth rate of turnover found stable during such period.  However, there was a hidden growth which maintained sales as current level.

                 In 2005, management created an idea of diversifying 2 sales & marketing sections out of Sunnyworld (1989) for  its flexibility, while Sunnyworld (1989)keeps on supporting all internal function, including warehouse, accounting, administration etc. 

                 Therefore, all sales & marketing activities in Cosmetics & Personal Care and related businesses in Sunnyworld (1989) were transferred to Sunnyworld Co.,Ltd. which was established and activated in November 2005.  However, all contact persons are remain in same address and telephone number.

                 In 2006, all business were under Sunnyworld Co.,Ltd. with new business in anti-corrosion coating for automobile industry was started in 2nd quarter. More, coating and adhesive industries were been approached with new products from suppliers.